Official Regulation, for Practicing and Classic Training, Diameter 3", Thickness 1", 6oz, Black, 50pcs


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How hockey pucks are made

  • Sturdy Material : Made of high-quality Vulcanized Rubber, solid puck, good hardness and resilience, durable in use. Both sides are smooth and flat, easy for sliding. The surrounding dense dimple pattern creates great friction between the puck and hockey stick, our strict quality control guarantees every player can better handling the puck, helps you to get quick pass and accurate shot.
  • NHL Official Size : We used official standard size, diameter 3", thickness 1", Weight 6oz. Suitable for America, Canada and other international competitions. Use it for daily practice, helps you to get into the groove on a real game and win it. The standard size puck is also suitable for teenagers who are over 8 years old, helps them to improve fast.
  • Teenager and Puck : It's very important to cultivate children's interest in ice hockey in their early age, it can not only improve their physique, but also enhance their flexibility, upper body strength, ball sense. Children who play ice hockey have stronger sense of competition, and they are more willing to face and solve problems when they're suffering setbacks. Choose our pucks, the international standard size helps them to find the feeling and adapt to the intensity of the game easily.
  • Cheap and Fine : Packing quantity of 3/6/12/25/50 per case are available, buyers can select the best quantity for their own situation, save every penny.
  • Hidden Function : Many "daily life inventors" bought our products and used them in many different ways, such as the car jack pad, speaker damping, car pads, etc. We're very encourage buyers to figure out other functions for the puck, and we're also love to see your picture sharing of your own modifications.
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